As a father of children in the Anchorage School District, I have a vested interest in making sure our children get the best education possible. 

I'm well acquainted with ASD's budgets having served on the Anchorage Budget Advisory Commission, and I know the needs and problems that exist. 

As your next representative, I look forward to working with Alaska's school districts to invest responsibly in education, with a heavy focus on efficiencies and return on investment.

  • Alaska's excellent teachers are constantly faced with the threat of being cut, yet administrators rarely are. Let's refocus our investment into the classroom and off of education bureaucracy.
  • Our test scores are among the lowest in America, yet we spend substantial amounts of money to educate our children. We need to study the correlation between investment and outcome. 
  • Most importantly, education needs to be de-politicized. Let's put aside our partisan differences and focus on giving kids a great education.